LO2P /// Competition 1st Prize - Julien Combes Architecte Toulon
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LO2P /// Competition 1st Prize

Evolo 2011 WINNER




Lo2p, “loop” is a recycling center made of recycled vehicles. Because of the development of the public transportation system and the depletion of their resources, personal vehicles are becoming obsolete. Composed of 74% of metal, they provide good materials for construction. Such manufactured products have polluted their entire life with a dreadful impact on their environment. Now it’s reversed: They are the base of a new environmental device that has a positive contribution to the city.


Lo2p provides new materials and services to the city. It is powered by renewable energies. In its functioning, it uses and recycles all of its forces. It is a wonderful laboratory which experiments a new kind of project that inverts the current one way process turning resources into wastes.


Wastes + Pollution + CO2 -> Resources + O2


The monument itself is, by its shape, a tribute to cycling. LO2P is a metaphor of cycles, of the production of oxygen, of a real change of relationship with nature. The building takes advantage of all the energy it produces, makes use of all its wastes. Finally, the whole ring cleans up the major environmental problem in Delhi: the suspended particle matters. They are trapped in rotating filter system, thus cleaning up the air.


Co-author(s): Gaël Brulé